About ROOWTech

ROOWtech is a special division from NEOCYBERTECH, which was formed in January 2010, from the beginning of this division, ROOWtech has proved itself as a Professional refurbishers, the Best and Biggest in Indonesia for computer products, laptops, and monitors.

We recycle, renew, and sell Laptops, Monitors, Mini Computer, which still have value and can be reused and utilized to the fullest to make savings funds in the application of technology in the enterprise, for small and medium enterprises, and for educational instutions, students, non-provit charitable organization.

ROOWtech supported by professional certified technicians and working with the international standards to protect the environment, energy savings and security of user data previously.

ROOWtech Quality Control team, always doing the selection process is very tight for the products entered prior to the renewal process or the process of re-manufactured according to international standards, so that the products have been our renewal process will have a perfect end result, performing optimally and high quality just like new when the product was recently launched on the market.

ROOWtech is the only and the first in Indonesia, as the company refurbishers that provide a guarantee of product and process the results to consumers and customers by providing support for warranty service for 3 to 12 months (1 year) and support consumer services up to 2 years, we also always provide components original spare parts for the types of products we market.

ROOWtech provide comfort to customers, by providing good packaging, all the products we market have been repackaged specifically according to international standards as a safe packaging for inter-island shipping up between countries.

ROOWtech services help sponsor companies, who want to donate old computer equipment to educational institutions or non-profits organization. We will perform data deletion procedures, cleaning inside and outside, repaint, and testing all components.

ROOWtech will also provide several amenities and special prices, for educational institutions or non-profits organization when buying our products.